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On track to discovering a healthier lifestyle

On track to discovering a healthier lifestyle

I want to start running in the Latrobe Valley, but there’s nowhere to go.

This observation was shared with me on a few occasions, actually, a lot more than I care to think about, by people interested in beginning their journey to a healthier life through walking or running. They’d then go into detail about how the Latrobe Valley had no good, or safe, areas to go hiking or running and so their journey would end before it could begin.

I’ve been running for a few years now and I can tell you that I’ve uncovered many hidden gems in the Latrobe Valley. The Valley is bristling with tracks and trails but others out there have yet to unearth them, so they think this beautiful region of ours might not have much to offer. It got me thinking about how I could share my passion for running with the community and also promote the tracks and trails the Latrobe Valley has to offer. From this thought, My Tracks Latrobe was born.

Working alongside the Latrobe Health Assembly, a website started to take shape. My Tracks Latrobe offers people a one-stop-shop where Latrobe Valley tracks are listed and are begging to be explored. More importantly, it encourages you to use these trails to improve your health and wellbeing. Then we thought why not go one step further and inspire you, yes you, to share your tracks and trail discoveries with the community by uploading them to the website.

We hope that My Tracks Latrobe will become a community-led project to promote the beauty of the Latrobe Valley by sharing what it has to offer. As a bonus, you can help each other to improve your health and wellbeing. We also want to see you dropping helpful comments about the tracks that we may have missed – we will all benefit from this. Along the way, we will have professional dieticians, personal trainers and other like-minded individuals offering tips, suggestions and exercises to help you improve your health.

However, for My Tracks Latrobe to succeed we need your help. We want you to empower each other to showcase the Latrobe Valley’s beauty to the world and at the same time work together to get fit and healthy. We’re all on this journey together, so I hope My Tracks Latrobe is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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